Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Every Day is Saturday (for her)

The sound of music interrupts the fleeting sweetness of my dream
I groan and bury my head deeper into the mountain of pillows 
they're cozy and comfortable with a
fragrance that is fresh and crisp and clean
I pretend not to hear the alarm
I refuse to open my eyes
Instead,I snuggle deeper into the mushiness of my mattress
It's softness feels like heaven
It should be Saturday, I tell myself
I PRETEND IT IS and wrap myself up tightly til 
I'm "snug as a bug in a rug"....
Completely covering myself in the feathery softness of my
fluffy white comforter.....I feel luxurious
I am determined to make this moment last
but the music does not stop playing.....
and I dare not hit snooze button
Because if I do
I'll surely fall into her trap.....
With one last stroke, I longingly look at her
The cat who lays contentedly purring by my side 
she stretches and winks at me sleepily
Her warmth encourages me to drift back off into dreamland 
But I'm responsible and know what I have to do 
With a sigh of resignation I gently lift the covers 
Moving ever so slowly....careful not to disturb her as I slip into another Wednesday 
because for her, every day is Saturday 
            I envy her.....I really do


  1. Gorgeous poem, Darlene! You captured those first few minutes of waking perfectly!

  2. smiling,
    love the picture of the kitty,
    and today is Saturday, as I read this
    I hope you enjoyed a few more minutes under the covers.