Friday, March 15, 2013

{Insert Picture Here}

Where’s the camera when you need it?

I've heard it said “A picture paints 1000 words”….. Oh, how I wish I had one now!!!

Each week, my friend Laura and I meet with a group of students who are incredibly passionate about reading. SO passionate in fact they are willing give up an hour after school every Friday to participate in our club. The fun we have had, and the books we have read….. Honestly, I can think of no better way to begin my weekend, but I digress….. this post is not supposed to be about me….

Now, getting back to the kids….

Today, as usual….we began the meeting by positioning desks into a circle and passing out a snack and drink. (We believe our readers should have well nourished; well hydrated brains.) Then, once everyone was seated, we began our discussion. Without going into detail about the book, (no spoilers here), I will share the topic of discussion.

What do you think the future would be like without books? What would you do if someone tried to burn your books?  {Insert picture here]

As a writer, I find myself at a loss…..there are no words to describe the mortified expressions on their faces or the intensity in their voices as they adamantly proclaimed:  “No One will ever burn our books!”

Call me a dork, but seriously, these kids made my day!!! :-)

(The current book we are reading is the fictional novel: Human.4; written by Mike A. Lancaster.)


  1. May I please be a student in your class? Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday. Love it.

  2. I could just picture it....and that is what we want our kids to feel, that books are truly special and wondrous. What a lovely teaching moment.

  3. I love the image I have in my mind of your students' horrified faces. What passion! Thanks for sharing your story! How incredible!