Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Lesson

                     The Lesson
An angel found herself on earth ….
with a fractured pair of wings
Uncertain of her purpose, here…
among such calloused beings
So absorbing all their anguish….
she sought to share their pain
And pledged to help them heal their wounds ….
to give them hope again
Inspired, she loved unconditionally,
all who crossed her path each day
With sincerity she tried to help...
but most turned her away
Though she strives to make a difference,
the days stretched into years
And the long and grueling journey
had driven her to tears
The time she’d spent on earth, it seemed,
had been to no avail
Her presence hadn't changed a thing, h
her love had surely failed
“My Lord, they did not know I cared,
or what I sought to do….”
“My child”, he said, “do not despair….
the children always knew.”
The angel smiled, returning home;
her time on earth was done
But you, my friend, are the angel now …
and your journey’s just begun
So on those days when gloom creeps in
and your heart is feeling low
Keep in mind the lesson all angels should learn…..
The children always know…..

Written for and dedicated to my dear friend and teacher....
          May you forget how wonderful you are................


  1. The children do know. Lovely.

  2. Beautifully written and a beautiful message. ~ Theresa

  3. Yes, the children know.
    Very tender and sweet.