Friday, March 7, 2014

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Today I feel invisible

I've been working diligently on pieces for a couple of days, and still kind find one good enough to be taken out of  "the posts I may never finish" category.

My head is in a funny place, and when this happens, nothing seems to fit.

Are my pieces too long? Too emotional? Too boring?

Am I seeking too much approval?

Am I expecting too much of myself? Am I too critical?

Do I even belong here?

Today, probably not!

My creativity is tapped, my inspiration exhausted

Today, I should just forget about my blog and visit facebook

It know its  kind of sad and very superficial, but when my self esteem needs a boost, facebook is where I go.

 It's a place where my writing doesn't matter.  I don't  have to "think" about the content of my writing, and that makes things easy. Deep or frivolous, serious, or funny, it always comes down to one thing.
The "like" button.

Instant gratification, that's what I'm talking about!.  Depending on the post, I can recieve fifty or more "likes" within a matter of  hours, and while it's only fantasy, it sometimes feels good to revel in  moments of percieved popularity.

The truth is, I love my blog.
In fact, I love it way more than I'll ever love facebook.
But on days like this, when I'm tired and vulnerable,
and there is no confidence to be found
I wish my blog had a "like" button.


  1. Blogs do make it harder to get feedback from your readers, because they actually have to go through the effort of composing a comment. We all get writer's block. It's nice to take a break, and if Facebook is where you can do that, go for it! Here is a "like" for you!

  2. Sending you a big thumb's up!

  3. Clicking the Like Button for you! I have been fighting this feeling too lately. Hoping for inspiration by looking at old photos and talking about memories....I hope it will pass quickly for you- I love to read your wonderful writing:)

  4. I can totally relate to that "self talk" your doing in this piece. I think what you talk about here is something we can all relate to. Don't give up! Keep writing! Making your thinking visible and public is vital to all of us! xoxo

  5. Push Through, Dar!! I know exactly where you are at. I've been there so many times. Never let others opinions or approval influence the productivity level of your creative spirit. Keep generating and please trust yourself. You are a brilliant writer with such a poetic soul. Publish smublish. Just put your fingers to the keyboard and release your creativity. It's a sacred thing. Got nothin to do with ego. You are a WRITER.

  6. Thank you so very much for your comments. You have given me the strength to publish today's post. I am so very blessed to have all of you in my corner!!

  7. Like like like! You know I'd follow you if I knew how. I know nothing of this Blogger except it won't always let me in and it won't always let me comment... I see your frustration. Regardless, I read this and many of your pieces now and they are great! Really, I wish it was easier to get to you so I could tell you, KEEP ON WRITING!