Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh Sweet Child

Oh sweet child
I can feel your pain
as you sit in silent anticipation
desperately wanting
your existence will be acknowledged

Oh sweet child
I can feel your fear
as you tremble in darkness of your room
trying to escape the bedlam
of "yet another night" violent fighting

Oh sweet child
I can see the glistening tears 
streaming down your bruised and pale cheeks
as you open your heart 
 pour  out its contents to God
and wonder what you did wrong.

Oh sweet child
I wish 
for just a moment
I could erase that chasm of time
that will forever come between us
and talk to you
the frightened, motherless child 
who's temporarily lost her way.

 If I could
I would tell you
 everything will be okay.


  1. This feels about one particular child but I am sad to say that it probably would hit home with far more than just one. Darlene this is so powerful.

  2. "The frightened motherless child, who has temporarily lost her way", this line echoes in my mind and will for a long time to come. You just know when you look at some of our students that they are motherless. It breaks my heart to pieces. Such a strong poem, Darlene. So strong.

  3. Beautifully written yet so sad. The unfortunate thing is that this is the reality for so many kids. I could feel your desperation in your "voice" to help this poor child. Your description of glistening tears streaming down your bruised and pale cheeks made that child's face so clear in my mind. Great piece, Darlene!

  4. Darlene, this piece just pulls at the heart strings.The images here are strong: the child trembling in the dark, the glistening tears streaming down bruised pale cheeks. Such beautiful writing!

  5. This is a tough piece. So emotionally driven and well written but hard to take. Oh Sweet Child. So sad.

  6. This is heartbreaking but beautiful. Your repeated line works so well. It reminds me of a prayer or song.

  7. This is beautiful, Darlene. In a really haunting way that I think will stay with me even though I kind of wish it wouldn't, ya know?
    Such sadness in this world. You captured it perfectly with your word choice.