Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Child....

Oh Sweet Child 
I feel your desolation 
as your tentative fingers reach 
deeply into your pockets
for the coins you've set aside
especially for today

Oh Sweet Child
I recognize the yearning in your eyes
and flutter of anticipation your chest tries so hard to conceal
You've placed the last of your hopes 
into a dilapidated pay phone
that you know will not deliver

Oh sweet child
You feel betrayed
by sting in your eyelids
the  pain in your belly 
as your heart plummets 
 and the harsh hand of reality slaps you
in the face

Oh sweet child 
You're not a woman
 but a child
wanting nothing more than to be
safe and warm
 not lost and cold in this heartless city of loneliness

Oh sweet child
I know so well
the sacredness of the
 secret you hold deep within your heart
the tiny part of you that
just for awhile
you could go back 
to the familiarity
of the hell
you once called home 

Oh sweet child
If I could 
I would go back to the night of
Your 17th birthday 
and let you know 
what I now know to be true
you are brave and strong beyond what you know
will celebrate many more birthdays
none of them 


  1. So beautiful. So sad. Your words are just perfection.

  2. This again just hits me in my gut. Darlene I want to wrap that one up in a big hug and make everything ok. Familiarity of the hell... Heartbreaking. You should write these for more than our small world to see.

  3. Boy, that's the truth what Kim said! You are a gifted writer, Darlene. I love stopping by your blog to see what you're up to - it's always glorious.

  4. Kim is sooo right! This gets you right in the sad. It conveys such a sense of regret, a sense of longing to make someone else whole. Raises lots of questions for me about "the sweet child" and her circumstances. A beautifully written slice!