Monday, March 10, 2014

The Final Rose

No matter how hard I try to be deep and sensitive, or how educated I portray myself to be, sometimes I just don’t go below the surface. This would be one of those times.

Is it sad that the only thing I can focus on at the moment is, “Who is Juan Pablo going to give the final rose to?” and “I hope neither of those (fill in the blank with your choice of expletives) gets the rose. They don’t deserve it!”
In case you have no idea as to what I am referring, I will simply say, that, thanks to my daughter, I share a silly addiction to the show “The Bachelor”. As I type, it is recording on my DVR.

If you personally think the show is a little on the shallow side, you’re probably right. So, there must be a reason millions of people, (women specifically) seem to be magically drawn to their televisions. I have the answer. A picture's worth 1000 words.....(see Juan Pablo above) ....

Until next time, my fellow Bachelor fans and foes alike...


  1. ha ha! Funny Darlene! I have to admit I do watch this show. I'm usually working on my laptop at the same I don't "commit" 100% to JP and his crew of bikini wearing bimbos. In fact, I understand your sentiment so completely that I was afraid to read this slice because I DVR'd the show and I don't know who "won" yet!

  2. I love that you readily admit how shallow your addiction is. lol. I used to watch that show, but I haven't in a couple seasons. I have heard plenty about Juan though... he's not bad on the eyes.