Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Dreams


  My Dreams
Illusory moments connecting 
Fantasy to reality,
Lucidity to insanity,
Hope to a desolate soul

My Dreams
Like the essence of life 
belong to me
exclusively, independently
and so
 they  are rare, precious
 Treasures to be kept 

My Dreams 
filled with a blissful revelation
 or heartbreak and regret
All are valuable
Their content
must never to lost 
or abandoned
but preserved from within
For without them
I will surely lose who I am
 and fade into non-existence
for eternity


  1. Beautiful poetry. Reminds me of a quote by Van Gogh, "I dream my paintings. I paint my dreams".

  2. There are no words that adequately express how much this poem rocks. It is so fluid and contradictory within itself. I love that most about it. Might I steal this as a text I just love and might share with someone someday as it fits?

  3. You have the most beautiful way with words, Darlene. This poem is hauntingly beautiful. I really can relate to holding on to some dreams, because they are mine and they are precious.