Monday, March 3, 2014

Please Make Room....

                                 Please Make Room

                          Dear crystal white snow
              Your beauty long has vanished
               Please make room for spring


  1. So few words, yet so much truth here. My poem would read more like:
    Dear snow
    Get the hell out
    The end.


  2. Great poem above and great poem below. ;-)
    I for one would take the spring but minus the birds. I hate birds.
    Great writing though....

  3. Beat it Crystal white... and take your dirty, mud soaked cousin slush with you. Your poignancy has a greater effect though. Perfect. And I for one love the bird. :)

  4. Oh crystal white,
    your crystals have turned,
    turned away from your wishes,
    into muck-devoid of you. I'm with you Darlene, bring on Spring!